Goodness in Change

Consider it pure joy when you face many trials for it produces endurance and when that work is done you will be perfect, complete and lacking in nothing.
James 1:3-5 paraphrase.

I love the Fall!!  It means new beginnings to me.  Growing up, that was when school started and I loved school. I still love all things “office supplies.” My birthday is in September, so my moment in time to be celebrated was always anticipated. But I especially loved the change in weather. I grew up primarily in Arizona and loved the little bit of change to cooler weather and the few trees that would change but it was the “feel” in the atmosphere that fun times were ahead that I really loved. Moving my family to Washington State really brought the joy of the changing season to a new hight for me. I knew  pumpkin patches, Halloween, corn mazes, Thanksgiving, turkey, football and, of course, Christmas would be experienced soon after.

Change is a way of life, just like the seasons can be counted on, it will come. Change is not always easy but for us to grow, develop and even blossom we must be willing to go through the process. I have discovered the more I embrace the season of change the easier the process is and that it can actually be enjoyed.  If you read my last two blogs you can understand what a HUGE statement that is for me as I embrace this current season I am in.

This season of change has been one of the most drastic I have experienced. Most changes impact us from the outside which then forces our inner world to adjust but this change came from my internal world – my body, my brain, my health. If anyone reading this has had a health issue or brain trauma you know what I mean.  It is a mandatory change that can’t be ignored. What do we do in that season of change?

In answering that question for myself, I had to make choices. The first one was to choose to live.  Then I had to choose to learn, to adjust. Then I had to choose to thrive and allow God to use it to impact the core of my soul with the GOODNESS that He brings in making me into all that I have been created to be.

For me, this season of toxic poisoning has produced so much goodness that I can’t say I wish it had never happened (although I would never have chosen it for myself!!). God has so redeemed it!! He has used it to bring me into a deeper place with Him. It has been instrumental in giving me focused purpose that points me to my destiny. Who wouldn’t want that revelation!!!  I have learned to listen to and love my body for where it is, at the same I learned to nurture it to be walking in greater health. It has expanded my capacity to receive love and care from those around me… I no longer have to be the “strong” one and deny my need for nurturing love… now I get to love others more in return 🙂

So, I encourage you to embrace the change you are going through, seek God in the midst of it for the GOODNESS He has planned for it to produce, and move to thriving even in the midst of change. God bless you in your season of change!!

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