The main reason people take vitamins and other supplements is to replace the nutrients our diet may be lacking. Even in the best whole-food, organic “clean” diet we may still be missing out on everything our body requires because of prior depletion. Our bodies are crying out for more of what it needs so we turn to supplements to meet that need.

The “boost” that added supplements gives are only meant to build up our bodies until they find balance and our good eating habits can kick in with the bodies nutritional requirements being met by the food we eat. Nothing can compare to the benefits that a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins found in whole foods (especially home-grown) can give us.

Supplements are meant to be used to provide the raw materials the body needs to function at a healthy level on a daily basis. To use supplements in response to symptoms rather than to support the bodies healing process misses the point of why we use supplements. The human body was wonderfully created to heal itself, supplements are meant to support the process already at work in us by suppling what the body may be lacking in the process. That is the power of supplements!!

The ones listed on this page are some of the ones that I used to restore health to my toxic body. Each of them provided a powerful boost to what my body needed in the process of getting healthy again. 

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